Grew up in Hilo, Hawaii. Played with various bands including the very fun N-Focus with Moon Brown, Rainbow Page, Craig Ochikubo and Sid Hopson. While playing with N-Focus, we were one of the first pioneers locally to use computer-based sequencing onstage along with some of the first use of professional drum machines (Linn Drum, Oberheim and Yamaha drum machines). Sequencer Plus and Personal Composer w/IBM PC- LIVE! Back then Craig and I were deep into sequencing and analog synthesizers as well as playing guitar. Yes, I have been sequencing since the beginning! Received performance degree from University of Hawaii at Hilo (piano).

Moved to Bay Area (San Jose, California). Studied Electronic Music Composition with Allen Strange. Received Masters Degree in Composition from the Electro/Acoustic Program at SJSU. During this time I developed several MIDI toolkits in Pascal and C for writing sequencers and real-time MIDI control. I programmed in FORTH as well as using a language developed at SJSU called MASC written by Dan Kelley. I got to study/work/learn from tons of people including Morton Subotnick, Dan Wyman, Michael Boddicker, Larry Wendt, Randy Masters, and many others. I wrote a real-time gestural sequencer/MIDI "transforming" application as part of my studies.

Studied Jazz Piano with George Cables.

Played with a bunch of people and played in Import/Export: Darryl Rowe, Ken Harrill, Chris Miller, Gus Kambeitz, James Reily and Dean Hudson. This band later became an instrumental fusion band. In the Bay Area, I mainly played Jazz/Rock aka "fusion" music as well as R&B. I played everywhere from Scramento all the way down to Monterey, CA; mostly in clubs. I was lucky to share the stage with (Nicolas Bearde, Tony Lindsay, Myron Dove, Tom Politzer, Oliver Harris, Gary Brown, Kenny Brown, Joel Griffin and many others.

In Hawaii, I have played with Pauline Wilson (Seawind), Jimmy Borges, Loyal Garner, Maila Gibson, Ben Vegas, Na Leo, Ho’okena, Kalani Pe’a, Sunway, Lea Salonga, Rocky Brown, Ginai, Richard Elliot, Jeff Lorber, Brian Culbertson, Michael Paulo, Keiko Matsui and many more...

Worked at Graphic Notes - an international (Australian/US) company developing music notation software (Music Publisher). I was a product specialist and tech support. Worked at Opcode Systems Inc. - tech support/sales/R&D. While I was in tech support I was able to help some of the top studio musicians in the world. I helped develop tons of editors and librarians for various synthesizers. During this time I got to work with many synthesizer manufacturers as well as have access to the latest digital synthesizers. Later I did some work on Studio Vision Pro doing some of the 24-bit work.

Moved to Honolulu, HI working for Audio Bytes, and started building guitar pedals as a hobby.

I have written music for many commercials including: Hilo Hattie, Ala Moana, Hawaii Dental Services, Aloha Tower Marketplace, Ward Center, Altres, Toyota, Lexus, HSFCU, Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Airlines, Alu Like, Kau Inoa, Central Pacific Bank, Verizon, Pacific Resource Partnership, Finance Factors, Homeworld, Nissan, Kamehameha Schools, Hawaii Humane Society, State Farm Insurance, Foodland, KHON-TV, KITV, AIG, City Mill, Golf Hawaii, First Hawaiian Bank, Pepsi/Guam, Symantec, Servco Automotive, HMSA, McDonald's of Hawaii and many other companies. I have also written the theme music for Golf Hawaii, Long Story Short (Leslie Wilcox), City Mill and many other shows.

I also have a DIY stompbox page where people can go online to find out how to build and modify guitar pedals. I have also been keeping up with software and I am the author of unrealBook, a sheet music reader for the iPad that is being used on stage all over the world.