Welcome to my web page!

I play keyboards and guitar in Honolulu, Hawaii. I play Jazz/Funk/Rock music and love old analogs as well as the newest Physical Modeling keyboards.
I'm into breath controlling them. If you're into breath controlling instruments, let's talk! I am also a software engineer.
I was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii where I played in an extremely fun band called N-Focus.

I am also a "music designer" i.e. composer for Audio Bytes, a post-production company here in Honolulu.
I also build analog pedals as a hobby. Check out my Guitar Stompbox Page!!!

Current Projects

Keyboards with Na Leo, Ben and Maila, Ho’okena, Kalani Pe'a. Guitar/Keyboards with Absolute Joy, Soul-Kyo, an asian-influenced Koto "hipnotica" band with Darin Miyashiro (koto), Arex Ikehara (Bass). I also try to play Jazz/Fusion as much as possible with 3rdStream. 
Author of music software unrealBook.