Two commercials airing right now

Toyota Corolla – if you listen carefully at the beginning of the spot where the guy is in the coffee shop, you can hear the Hendrix trills I put in there on acoustic guitar. After he leaves the shop, Phil Bennett’s drums kick in. The main guitars are my Yamaha Pacifica 812w and the cleaner guitar is my Fender Bullet. The beginning acoustic guitar is piezo direct, the middle acoustic is miked.

The other commercial is a Taco Bell spot where there are fast cuts and sound of the spot is people crunching and eating. All I did was try to enhance the sound that was already on the spot. This was all done with software synths in Logic.

Just had a great gig at the Honolulu Club

It was really fun to play guitar with a great band! We played a mixture of instrumental originals and Jazz standards. Joy Waikoloa was the featured singer and she sounded great!

The band was some of Honolulu’s finest:

  • Dayton Arima – Bass
  • Hal Mita -Synthesizer
  • Phil Bennett – Drums
  • Robert Shinoda – Guitar

Here’s a pic of my guitar and amp at the club: