Fun @ Kincaids

Ben and Maila had the crowd going at Kincaids! They really appreciated the band!

Playing with the band was Dayton Arima on bass who Maila called “Amazing”. Nice to see Kevin Leong there and Wes Aoki too. People from the Ad Agency Core Group One were celebrating a promotion too!

The Suhr Pro Series 1

What is a Suhr Guitar? Well mine looks like a super strat, has the same type of woods as a lot of strat type guitars, to the untrained eye, looks the same…..

But when you play, it has the following:

  • Extreme dynamic range – just killer
  • Great tone
  • Excellent sustain
  • Perfect fretwork and smooth neck
  • It makes you forget about all your other guitars

Makes you feel if you can execute the line, it will play it and not hinder you. It’s not even close to the most money I have spent on an instrument, but it’s the best instrument I own.

A lot of people will argue that an instrument like this is not worth the difference in cost from a “normal” off the shelf guitar. Until this guitar, I would have agreed. I’ve done the route of buy a “good” guitar, change pickups, get the guitar professionally setup, customize the electronics, tinker with the hardware etc… You can get a great sounding and playing guitar for sure. I’ve got some of them right now.

There’s something to be said about an instrument that plays right and sounds right at the beginning. As I said above, the dynamic range of this instrument is incredible. I don’t know why this is since it has the basic wood types, hardware as some of my other guitars, but I’m glad it plays like it does.

From John Suhr “What is unique is that it might look plain Jane until you pick it up and play it. My guitars are designed to go right on stage and feel like an instrument that you were born with.”

Check out this link. 

Two commercials airing right now

Toyota Corolla – if you listen carefully at the beginning of the spot where the guy is in the coffee shop, you can hear the Hendrix trills I put in there on acoustic guitar. After he leaves the shop, Phil Bennett’s drums kick in. The main guitars are my Yamaha Pacifica 812w and the cleaner guitar is my Fender Bullet. The beginning acoustic guitar is piezo direct, the middle acoustic is miked.

The other commercial is a Taco Bell spot where there are fast cuts and sound of the spot is people crunching and eating. All I did was try to enhance the sound that was already on the spot. This was all done with software synths in Logic.