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Tied with Daruma and Ichiran is Osaka based Shitenoh. This particular shop has air conditioning, great service, fantastic ramen and great gyoza! Killer ramen!


Da ru ma

Tied with Ichiran as one of the best ramen in Japan. This shop is found in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Ironically it is across Tenkaippin which is a much less quality ramen shop. The ramen is fantastic and there is a crazy big jumbo soda too!


Just played a wedding

3 bands played. We were last.
Lots of people were dancing and the moves they made were described as “scandalous”!

Rod rushes to make Ben’s gig

Rod flew in from the mainland and had rush to make Ben’s gig at Kincaid’s!

As usual Ben and Maila got the crowd going nuts by the end of the night. Lehua from Na Leo sat in with the band and was a big hit with the crowd!!!!

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Ken was running around!

Like a wild man on the dance floor at Pearl!

It’s safe to say that he’s the only guy that can do that around here!


People were screaming

Ben Vegas got the crowd so worked up that they were screaming tonight!

Ahhhhh the gift of talent. Gets them every time.


Honolulu club

The “amazing” Dayton Arima was seen dining at HC! Fish tacos were the
meal eaten, and what a meal it was!


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Wow, 2 gigs tonight!

Both were fun. Na Leo played for a party at Dole Cannery ballrooms.

Ben and Maila got the place rocking at the Hilton!

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