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iPad mini impressive battery life.

Preliminary test indicate the iPad mini gets 12 hours and 30 mins run time in unrealBook. VERY IMPRESSIVE!

MIME and Ground Control IOS

I was trying to get the excellent Ground Control to work with my IOS app. Despite multiple tries, I could not get it to run without an error. It was expecting a file of type application/x-plist but it was receiving text instead.

I couldn’t understand why the demo would work with a file on the demo server, but it would not work with a file on my server. Finally I realized that I need to add a MIME type to my server. So I went into cPanel and in MIME types, added:

application/x-plist     and plist for the extension.

Problem solved.

unrealBook 1.5 for iPad released

unrealBook version 1.5 is available for your iPad. Tons of improvements to make your chart reading easier on stage. If you already own unrealBook, the upgrade is free.
Get it on iTunes!

Just dwarfdump it

After fooling around with atos and symbolicate (which does work in the organizer), I found dwarfdump which works well enough for me.

Just open terminal, cd to the directory that has your .dSYM, and then run:

dwarfdump -a

dwarfdump will output all the symbols and addresses for your dSYM file. Good enough for me. Just find the closes match when you get a crash.