Moving Flutter projects

It’s unbelievable that simply moving a Flutter project from one computer to another can cause it to not run. In the interests of saving people time, here is the fix.

After moving a project from another computer or even from another folder!

1: Enable dart Support (it will prompt you)
2: Run flutter pub get in terminal in the project root directory
3: Go to Preferences->Language & Frameworks -> Flutter and set the flutter SDK path

No devices in XCode

Somehow the simulator had no iPad devices listed. Only the iPad device itself was available. To get the devices back you need to control-click on XCode and navigate to the following path:

  1. Open iOS Simulator is at /Applications/\
  2. Go to Hardware > Devices > Manage Devices

Then you can add the iPad 2, iPad Air etc… back.


S-OFF HTC ONE S (or other variants) using Ubuntu and moonshine with Mac

Here is how to achieve S-OFF (security off) for an HTC ONE S or other HTC variant using Ubuntu.

First, create a bootable live USB version of 32 bit Ubuntu. Follow the instructions. 64 bit Ubuntu doesn’t work with  moonshine.

Once you have the live USB created – you need to find a Mac that will boot it. The only one that would boot from USB was my retina display Macbook Pro. You insert the live USB version and then restart and hold down option. Then you select the USB install and boot off of it.


Make sure you have everything set correctly on your phone.

1: Use 32 bit Ubuntu desktop (13.10) – 64 bit doesn’t work. (Ubuntu 13.10)
2: Enable wifi and join your wifi network. (Go to System settings ? Software sources ? Additional drivers and enable your wifi card)
3: Download moonshine and then extract right into the Downloads folder. IT MUST BE EXTRACTED THERE!
4: CTRL-ALT-T to bring up Terminal.

5: The missing link – CD to Downloads – you must do this! (You MUST be in the Downloads folder and have the extracted files in that folder)

5: Connect your HTC One S via USB. (If you want to be sure things work, type adb devices and information should appear in the terminal. If nothing appears you need to fix adb first).
7: type sudo ./distiller

Follow the prompts and skip all of the suffering and pain that led to this post. If you can get this live USB version to work it’s easier than Windows. No need to install drivers such as adb and fastboot etc..


Root, Brick, RUU, TWRP etc…

Android learnisms

Nandroid will not always save you

TWRP will not always save you

If you can, HAVE your RUU (Rom update utility) for your phone. IT will save you – unless you have a hardware problem.

If you have an HTC – please have S-OFF before you do anything, because S-ON will not save you.

USB Debugging cannot be turned on once the phone is screwed up. (Turn USB Debugging on before doing anything)

Cautious when flashing boot.img – make sure you have a stock boot.img to go back to. I recommend for HTC devices doing S-OFF so you don’t have to flash the boot.img separately.

ABC’s of Android

What is root, s-off, unlocked boot loader?

Another web site explaining root etc…

Root and S-OFF.

Even more….

or…. pay someone to do this for you because it’s painful.

The RUU (ROM update utility ) allows you to go back to stock on your HTC device. Note that you must lock the boot loader again if it is unlocked when running the RUU. You can run any RUU that is equal to your ROM or newer.

How to run an RUU.

HTC ONE S last RUU (at bottom – download)

Sometimes you get stuck in a boot loop (HTC logo with red text anyone?) and need to boot up again with the original boot image. Here’s how to get the boot.img for the original ROM. Get to fastboot mode over usb (HTC) and then fastboot flash boot boot.img (note: not needed if you have S-OFF)

How to extract boot.img from RUU

Apparently HBOOT is stored in the file with is in the RUU. So if you want to downgrade HBOOT (from 2.16 to 2.15 etc..) flash the with S-OFF.

Get adb and fastboot easily for OS X. (After installing you should restart and BTW quit HTC Sync Manager if it’s running).

To check a downloaded file – download  the file, then open terminal. Type md5 and then drag the file onto terminal to insert the path. Then press enter. Compare the checksum to what you see on the download page.

ADB sideload with TWRP – caught in a boot loop with HTC device (HTC screen with red text)? This link could certainly help you out.

Accidentally pressed Reset Factory Settings in Bootloader when you have custom recovery? You need to flash the stock recovery back on to the phone and then choose Reset Factory Settings again. Then you can put back TWRP or CWM by flashing the custom recovery back.

Install custom recovery TWRP – this is so that you can install ROMS or backup your system.

Here is CWM custom recovery – another very popular recovery.

superSU to grant your apps super user (i.e. root).

 Root, unlock, recovery HTC ONE S

Another thread on unlock, recovery and root.

 Possibilities with s-off.

How to extract Kernel from ROM

Build environment with OS X

Another link re: building with OS X and another



Turn automatic updates in iOS7 OFF

All professional users should turn automatic updates off on their iPad. The problem with automatic updates is that while the update is happening, the application is disabled. Imagine being in a concert or before a concert and the automatic update starts and then you are stuck. Worse yet is if the app store stalls and then you cannot use your apps that are updating!

Please check if you have it on and turn it off:

Turn off automatic updates for iOS7

SSH key for OS X

When generating the SSH key, you really do want to hit enter for the default file (id_rsa). The passphrase, though is a different story. Enter a passphrase for that one that is secure.

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa Generating public/private rsa key pair. Enter file in which to save the key (/Users/user/.ssh/id_rsa): [enter for default] Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): [password] Enter same passphrase again: [password confirmation]