Electrolux type dryer blow fans

Many types of blower fans for dryers have a plastic blower fan which has a metal spindle in the center which goes on the motor drive shaft. If the fan does not come off easily with moderate force – forget it. You will need to destroy the fan (crack the plastic) and replace the entire blower fan assembly. The fan has a plastic nut and will only handle moderate pressure until it will strip. In addition, the spindle will become fused to the motor shaft and will be virtually impossible to remove.

Lowering a stuck car window with cable type regulator

A catch 22 is that you need to lower the car window to take the window off the regulator track, but the window is stuck in closed position. Don’t even try to force the window down – it won’t work. A suggestion was made to try to press the down button on the window switch and hit the engine of the regulator with a hammer. This may loosen the engine and allow the window to lower. If this doesn’t work, you need to cut the window regulator cable. The cable must be cut on the upper pulley side. Hold the window while you make the cut – you need another person to hold the window or you need to tape the window when doing this. Use a tough set of wire cutters.

Here is a good article on how the regulators work:


Update. If the window is stuck in the down position – you need to cut the cable on the bottom side. But how to reach it???? How about popping out the speaker? That works!

If the window comes off the rubber track, push the window forward towards the front of the car and the front rubber track has enough depth to allow you to reposition the window in the back rubber track.

3d Touch on iPhone 6s Plus

Selecting text with 3d Touch is not just pressing harder. First off, you have to press hard on the keyboard to get the trackpad – so now in this mode, you can move the cursor to your desired point. To select text, you would think that all you have to do is press HARDER. Well, press all you want, it will not select text even if you are pressing REALLY HARD.

The solution is to actually lighten your pressure without taking your finger off, then gently jab/press into the screen. Now it will select text. It takes a bit of practice and is not like the “test” of 3d touch in the settings app, where you clearly do press harder to get other functions.

Good Android Software

I have found the following programs to be extremely useful for an Android phone.

Waves Tuner – very simple. Very accurate. I really like this one. Only $3.

Camera ZOOM FX – Decent camera app. Has stable shot feature which is very cool. Free and Paid version.

CamScanner – very decent photo to PDF app.

Easy Battery Saver – yep, saves your battery!

Mr. Number – block calls.

Themer – Makes your phone fun looking. Great themes, and easy to use!

SOL Calendar – Very nice calendar

Weekend golfers

As I watch a ton of golfers try to hit way too hard; use only their arms; swing wildly at the ball – it brings to mind pretty much the only solution that has worked for me: Paul Wilson’s method.

Of course nothing beats taking lessons from a pro. But if you are going to watch any videos and read books, this method works. I’ve tried a lot of other methods and this is the one that works and is worth the money.

Paul Wilson’s Ignition Golf