All time great apps

iMazing for iPad. Backup and restore files wirelessly from iPad.

Alarmed – I wish I had written this one.

JotNot Scanner iOS. Scan music/documents and save as PDF. Has worked for years with very little problems.

Image Viewer MacOS – Nothing fancy. Just works and is fast!

Default Folder MacOS – Click to switch to a directory, save default folders for apps.

Stats MacOS – info in your menu bar.

Hazel MacOS – keep your desktop/folder clean.

unrealBook for iOS – I wrote it, but it’s reliable and great!

Read Rhythm iOS – practice reading rhythms!

MuseScore – Music notation.

ScreenFlick – Record your Mac screen with video and audio.

Paintbrush – Remember when you could just select areas and copy/paste/move them without layers and complications???? Here is a plain old bitmap editor that runs on M1!

Find Any File – This app for MacOS finds files where no other does!