Searching for an Apple Watch app

The App Store from Apple has a terrible search. What I mean is that any search that cannot find a unique string is bad by default. Every search worth anything can find a hashtag or a unique word easily. You have to change the programming so it doesn’t find a word on purpose. I have two applications, Intervalz and Musical Keyboard made for only the Apple Watch (not iPhone) that cannot be easily found on the App Store. Even Apple support couldn’t find these apps. All because the App Store cannot find a literal/unique string!

Well, it turns out there is a way. The Apple Watch does have a watch app called App Store. This is the App Store app that runs directly on the watch itself. This marvelous piece of engineering is able to do what the entire ecosystem of Apple cannot do – find a simple unique name.

So press the crown, find the App Store app on the watch, scribble in Intervalz or Musical Keyboard and install!

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