Kronos and stuck notes

If you use a Yamaha type damper/sustain pedal with the Korg Kronos and it ever goes bad, watch out. You can get stuck notes on the Kronos and there’s no way to stop the stuck sustaining notes and continue to play the keyboard. You are screwed. ┬áSure, you can stop the notes by pressing COMPARE or switching sounds, but you cannot play the keyboard without the notes getting stuck.

The only thing you can do is restart the machine. Wait 2 1/2 minutes minimum to restart. By then you are mad, the song is over and maybe the entire day is ruined.

There is a work-around to a restart. Load this MIDI File and have it in the sequencer for an important gig. If you ever have the problem – pull the sustain/damper pedal, press play on the sequencer and the notes will shut off. Then continue to play.

Suggestion: Buy a Korg sustain pedal.