S-OFF HTC ONE S (or other variants) using Ubuntu and moonshine with Mac

Here is how to achieve S-OFF (security off) for an HTC ONE S or other HTC variant using Ubuntu.

First, create a bootable live USB version of 32 bit Ubuntu. Follow the instructions. 64 bit Ubuntu doesn’t work with  moonshine.

Once you have the live USB created – you need to find a Mac that will boot it. The only one that would boot from USB was my retina display Macbook Pro. You insert the live USB version and then restart and hold down option. Then you select the USB install and boot off of it.


Make sure you have everything set correctly on your phone.

1: Use 32 bit Ubuntu desktop (13.10) – 64 bit doesn’t work. (Ubuntu 13.10)
2: Enable wifi and join your wifi network. (Go to System settings ? Software sources ? Additional drivers and enable your wifi card)
3: Download moonshine and then extract right into the Downloads folder. IT MUST BE EXTRACTED THERE!
4: CTRL-ALT-T to bring up Terminal.

5: The missing link – CD to Downloads – you must do this! (You MUST be in the Downloads folder and have the extracted files in that folder)

5: Connect your HTC One S via USB. (If you want to be sure things work, type adb devices and information should appear in the terminal. If nothing appears you need to fix adb first).
7: type sudo ./distiller

Follow the prompts and skip all of the suffering and pain that led to this post. If you can get this live USB version to work it’s easier than Windows. No need to install drivers such as adb and fastboot etc..