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Just dwarfdump it

After fooling around with atos and symbolicate (which does work in the organizer), I found dwarfdump which works well enough for me.

Just open terminal, cd to the directory that has your .dSYM, and then run:

dwarfdump -a

dwarfdump will output all the symbols and addresses for your dSYM file. Good enough for me. Just find the closes match when you get a crash.

Jazz/Fusion 11-6-10 at the Ground Floor 8-11pm

We will be ripping on this night. I got Rod Esteban on drums and we are going to try and recreate that high-energy experience of the famous jazz/fusion clubs in L.A. No holds barred and we will let loose!

Todd Yukumoto, Arex Ikehara, Hal Mita, Aron Nelson and Rod Esteban.

It will be inside/outside, up and more up!

Don’t miss this night!