Wondering about the iPad as a travel device?

I recently went on tour to Osaka and Tokyo Japan. The flight from Hawaii was approximately 8 hours. I started with 100%. I played a few games before the flight (which was delayed). Then I watched a full length movie. I turned the brightness down so it was comfortable to watch in the cabin. After the movie was finished I was shocked to see that the percentage went down only 8%! That’s right, I was at 92% battery after an entire movie. So watched another and then played a few games and watch about half of another movie.

When I landed I had 72% battery left. This is incredible battery life!!!!! I could not get that type of life on any other device I have or have owned.

I brought along a WiFi router and I was able to use the iPad to do most of my usual things. All in all, I did not miss my laptop except for programming.