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Cool pics from other people

At Kincaid's with Ben and Maila

At Kincaid

At Gordon Biersch 6-24-09

At Gordon Biersch 6-24-09

Me in 1981 with N-Focus

Me in 1981 with N-Focus

The best ice cream in Hilo

The best ice cream in Hilo is in the Uncle Billy general store in Banyan drive! This is a “single” scoop. Yes, it tastes incredible!

Overheard at Hilo airport

After I tell the skycap I don’t need help he barks at me to get my stuff off the side…. I just got dropped off and there’s ONE CAR there. He says “man I feel like tidal wave just hit”.

Eh no stress out ah?

Wow, how many ways to play a sound on the iPhone

System sound services, AVAudioPlayer…. now openAL. Unbelievable. Why can’t Apple just make one extensive class that can do everything instead of making us start using a bunch of different calls???

Maybe I will write a Golf-related app next….

Something simple related to Golf…. for the iPhone.