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Congratulations to Aureana for winning Miss Hawaii USA

Aureana Tseu won Miss Hawaii USA last night! She is a hula dancer with Na Leo.

International hula conference

Just played a gig in Waikiki with Na Leo. Sunset on the beach…. There were lots of people there!! Here’s a pic of of the band before us.

Just played the 25th Anniversary of the Hale ‘Aina Awards

Was a nice event. It was nice to drive up, park valet and then play a grand piano.

Lou Cavaretta R.I.P

I just heard that Lou passed away. One of the best sound engineer I knew. Plus he always had a nice word for the way I played keyboards. RIP Lou – maybe mix Brecker in heaven.

Go is no go…

They lost my keyboard two weeks in a row. I had to do without my patches for two concerts…. They lose it for a while too… Last time was 9 hours. Not only that, customer service line is always busy. The baggage area is unmanned when baggage arrives, one of the two lines to call is a fax line….. 🙁

Here’s a pic of the unmanned baggage station…

oh, and yes my name/number is on the keyboard case. Not one call in 9 hours.