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Cool looking sky

Detailed sky last night…..

What a fantastic stage!!!!!

It was a great gig….!!!! Beautiful music and stage!!!

I had the honor of backing up: Haunani Apoliona, Pomai Keawe Lyman, Karen Keawehawaii and Na Leo!!!!!! It was a great concert!!!

Lots for the eyes!!!!!

Colors, words….. Crazy!

Curry in Japan


Delicious bento!!!!!

One of the best…. Ever!

Tokyo ramen

Check out the cool nori with writing! No you cannot purchase it.

This ramen was shoyu based and more typical tasting.

Ippudo, a famous Hakata ramen spot

Darn good but I still like Ichiran better. Unusual looking broth!

Ichiran, the best ramen I have tasted!

Just fantastic…. Cooked the way YOU want it. Spicy for me!

Den-Den town ramen

This ramen was really low cost but it tasted great!

What a nice rainbow!

Saw this one and had to take a pic!