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My name in Japanese


Mamiya theater stage

Played here with Na Leo.

Here’s another Takanaka clip from the Rainbow Goblin’s Video

One of my favorites!


Masayoshi Takanaka

Here’s another guy I like! I’ve been listening to him since the early 80’s. His compositions are great and he is cool to watch! Here’s Takanaka in his late 80’s rocker mode!


Kazumi Watanabe and Richard Bona

Just incredible playing…..


The more I hear Kazumi Watanabe, the more I like him. He’s so good!

Currently at the Hawaii Lupus Foundation

A nice stage!


Hmmm, another pic

Came across this site with a pic of the Santa Monica Pier gig

Nice picture! :-

Check it out!

Mochi ice cream in Tokyo

Here’s what mochi ice cream looks like in Tokyo…… It was very good!!!!