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Just played a wedding

3 bands played. We were last.
Lots of people were dancing and the moves they made were described as “scandalous”!

Rod rushes to make Ben’s gig

Rod flew in from the mainland and had rush to make Ben’s gig at Kincaid’s!

As usual Ben and Maila got the crowd going nuts by the end of the night. Lehua from Na Leo sat in with the band and was a big hit with the crowd!!!!

Playing with THE sax player

I’m at Gordon beirsch playing with THE sax player!

This hamburger looks rather large….

From Wendy’s Japan!

Interesting message on Billboard Live wall

Saw this letter on the wall of the Billboard Live dressing room. Pretty interesting!

Finally back from Japan

Three fantastic venues. Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo. All sound systems were great and my keyboard rigs were perfect! The food is very low cost and the drink is even cheaper! Lots of places to eat and drink and the bentos were incredible. That being said, we are lucky to live in Hawaii. I love the climate here and no matter what, the people are great here! Too bad Hawaii doesn’t like Jazz Fusion like Japan!!!!!!!

SMV played there before us….

Osaka @ night

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Should have learned how to sing

musicians are a dime-a-dozen if you think about it.

Labor Day != Fusion day

We used to play the Tapestry in Talent festival in San Jose. If there was one awesome gig I could look forward to, it was playing original music, loud, uncensored, total freedom at the TNT with Import/Export.

It was like a tradition. We would practice all year and just let loose at this festival.

Oh well…. Hope your weekend/day is going great!