4 thoughts to “Want to be a musician? Read the notes from the gig”

  1. Yeah, it sucks when you run into psychos out there…some just have major “issues” that they’re dealing with and have to take it out on someone.

    Here’s a couple of my “bad gig” experiences:

    Large club gig with huge stage side fill speakers that were way too loud. Of course I was placed right next to one of them. Every time we hit a certain note, my whole chest cavity would resonate and I’d feel like passing out. Then we had to play a ballad (whew), but when my part came my instrument was way out of tune. Turns out the fills were so loud that it resonated my instrument to the point where one of my string saddles had vibrated and sunk down. I had to keep bending the string to stay in tune until I could find a time to tune it back up. It was miserably loud the whole time.

    Then there was an outer island gig. We went bar hopping between gigs so I spent a lot of cash. Then I treated some of the other band guys to a few meals, paid with cash. When I flew back and was exiting the airport parking lot, which didn’t take charge cards back then, it cost more than the cash left in my wallet. Had to back out of the line of cars and move over to the side where it took half an hour to work it out, which ended up with me signing a promissory note so that I could get out of there. I really lost money on that gig…

    Definitely not as bad as your experiences, but it sure made me question why I even bothered to play gigs.

    I won’t even go into the gigs where there were “personality issues” because everybody has those, no matter what kind of work you do…

    You’ve been playing for a long time, so consider that you have way more great experiences than these crappy ones…don’t let the few crappy ones get you down!!!

  2. Yep, there are definitely good gigs, but it basically comes down to this….

    There are gigs where you are hired as “hired help”. Not as a headliner or not even as friends. Just hired help. These are the gigs that I notice I have problems at.

    The gigs that we are hired as headliners; we are treated very, very differently. For example, we get a green room. We get asked things, not told. People are mostly polite.

    When I get hired as “hired help”. I get told to turn down, to help move chairs, to go eat somewhere else. Get fed different food from the guests. Get told that no, soda was not on the rider. Sometimes I get a bonus and get someone to yell at me.

    It’s all in how the people hiring you perceive the band.

  3. In a sense, club gigs can be more fun that wedding/corporate events. If you find the right people, it’s really fun and low-stress. The gig I do with Ben and Maila is really fun. The audience listens… it’s great.

    Na Leo is where I can play for thousands of people at a time. I’ve always wanted to try and play a huge/large concert. I finally am able to with them.

    Joy and Arex allow me to play guitar and originals. You can’t get paid to do this creative stuff… and we don’t! 🙂

  4. Keep up the good work on your listing of upcoming gigs. That way we can come out to see you when we get a chance. And heck, if it’s one of those “hired help” gigs, we’ll even help you move chairs and tell the hostzilla that the band is too soft and needs to turn up!!

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