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Gaglione Bros. in San Diego


Just finished two exciting concerts in San Diego

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Seattle and Las Vegas still to go!

It was nice to see family and friends there!

Augie was making everyone laugh!!! Some people didn’t expect a comedian so it was even more funny! Weldon was well received and Na Leo and Kealii sounded incredible! I had fun playing a little ukulele as well as my usual piano and synth stuff. I checked out the local music stores but there wasn’t much there.

Some of the band went to a local Tavern in Gaslamp and we saw a top notch drummer – Cliff Almond playing there. In addition, we saw Nathan East’s brother – James playing bass too. Ben Vegas sat in and rocked the club like only he could!

View of the stage:

At night ready for the next night:

Pic of the San Diego Harbor by the hotel:

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Couple of fun commercials will be airing soon

First one is a surf guitar spot. Fender Bullet guitar with Bill Lawrence pickups! Second is a spot with a man running and it has more intense music. More later….

Feeling a little crazy…

Genius at work…..

Incredible. One of many……

Cool LEGO @ Pearlridge Center

Kailua Jazz Hounds 1 year celebration

@ Tsukijis. The music and crab was great! Congratulations on playing that gig for a year! Was nice to see friends there!

New Japanese place to eat

On King, next to Cosmo Gas Station. Reasonable, tastes good. Clean.

Does school have an impact on morning commute????

hmmmm….. school’s out. Let’s look at H1.