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Spam Assassin + Spam Sieve ROCKS!

275+ SPAM today, 100% accurate.


I just got called for a gig

was told that the people want “Jazz, Jazz/Fusion and then dance music”. Jazz and Jazz/Fusion??? WOW! COOL!

Mentioned in Van Halen article

My site got mentioned in a Van Halen article. Check it out.

Hanalei, Kauai

Nueva Vida played a wedding in Kauai. Here’s a pic I took with my camera phone.

View from the hotel room (Princeville)

Higher res movie of Absolute Joy

I put a higher resolution version of Absolute Joy’s performance on the website. Check it out! Click on Demo & Pictures.

Dave Lancaster on Andy Bumatai

Dave was just here in the studio. He had a funny segment on Andy Bumatai. Check it out!


Absolute Joy on

Here it is:


Wow, I liked it!

The performance went well! The Andy Bumatai crew did a great job on the sound!

I’m happy!

Thanks to the Andy Bumatai show for letting us play!

Absolute Joy tonight on Andy Bumatai 9:30pm

9:30pm tonight KFVE.

We will see how it went….

Soul-Kyo @ Honolulu Club TONIGHT!

Rhythm-based, Asian groove band. Koto, Synths, Bass.

KSB for improv. Experimental, ever-changing.

6-9pm, validated parking, open to all.