Absolute Joy @ Andy Bumatai followup

It’s really hard to judge the performance I had. As a musician, every little thing affects your performance. It’s hard to tell which of the following had it’s role as positive or negative:

  • Being asked at the last minute to consider going direct with the guitar.
  • Realizing that you took an entire subsystem for your backing track, only to realize that you have to use their monitors and not yours.
  • One quick soundcheck, 5 mins later you’re done after waiting well over an hour.
  • Realizing that your shirt looks like a superhero shirt (well, more like Star Trek).
  • Being offered Primo Beer before the performance.

One thing I do remember. About the final third of the solo realizing that I have about 10 years more of practicing I need to do.

Joy and Arex sure sounded GREAT!!

Anyway, the musicians on the Andy Bumatai show are great. Nice to meet Jarrell (keys) and to see “Adj” on drums and of course Richard on guitar. Don’t know the bass players name, but he was excellent too.

Thanks to Andy Bumatai and the personnel for letting us play!

Thanks to Kevin Leong for showing up and taking pictures.

Air Date: 5/7/08

Annoying quirk in UI for iPhone’s iPod section

On the iPod, if you choose a song from a playlist, it will always start from the beginning. This is good for live use because you are sure the song will start from the beginning.

On the iPhone, Apple changed this. If you have previously played the song and have paused/stopped it, even if you exit the song and choose it from the playlist, it will continue from where you paused it. To start from the beginning, you need to pause it, hit the rewind button and then start again. Incredibly annoying.

The iPhone is not the best iPod; the iPod is.

ALLEN STRANGE, 1943-2008

ALLEN STRANGE, 1943-2008Composer/performer Allen Strange passed away on February 20. Considered a leading authority on analog electronic music, his Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques and Controls is still in demand as a comprehensive work on analog music synthesis.

In the late 1960s, Strange and his wife, Patricia, founded BIOME, a live electronic music performance, and in 1976 the Electric Weasel Ensemble with synth designer Don Buchla. He received two grants from the San Jose State University Foundation (1969 and 1974) for research into electronic music, and in 1970 became professor of music and director of the electronic music studios at the university, retiring from that position in 2002.

It was an interesting journey to study with the brilliant Allen Strange. It was an honor to know and study with him.

Absolute Joy will be on the Andy Bumatai Show

We tape on the April 28th. For this show, Joy, Arex and I wrote a song – actually our very first song that we wrote together.

One of Joy’s favorite composers is Jobim. Unfortunately, he writes chords that do seem compatible to my style of playing, but anyway I digress…… So I sketched out a song loosely based on that type of style and also based partly on a song Arex had written; The Arex samba. Joy contributed words and Arex helped me with the composition and I think it turned out well!

We tape on the 28th so keep watching this site for the air date.