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Morning in Honolulu

Morning commute!

You know you are in Hawaii…

when you get a request that looks like this!


Last night at Pearl

So goes the last night at Pearl for the Sunway band. Apparently there’s a change in the booking…

The last night found bassist Ken Field rippin’ it up on bass. A fitting end to the gig.

People were screaming

Ben Vegas got the crowd so worked up that they were screaming tonight!

Ahhhhh the gift of talent. Gets them every time.


Me and my Suhr

Photo – Kevin Leong

Working through the Mick Goodrick book

Almanac of Guitar voice-leading.

Have you ever seen the inside of this book? WOW!

Honolulu club

The “amazing” Dayton Arima was seen dining at HC! Fish tacos were the
meal eaten, and what a meal it was!


Check out the new gig page

On the right. April gigs have been added.


Wow, 2 gigs tonight!

Both were fun. Na Leo played for a party at Dole Cannery ballrooms.

Ben and Maila got the place rocking at the Hilton!

Rest now……


More fun at Kincaids!

The amazing Dayton was at it again on bass!

A good time was had by everyone!

BTW: the maple syrup salad is incredible!