JIF – say it right

Wilhite was working at CompuServe in 1987 when he invented the GIF. “I saw the format I wanted in my head and then I started programming,” he told The New York Times in 2013, saying the first image was an airplane and insisting that the file had only one pronunciation – a soft “G,” like Jif peanut butter. Those using the hard “G,” as in “got” or “given,” “are wrong,” he said. “End of story.”

All time great apps

iMazing for iPad. Backup and restore files wirelessly from iPad.

JotNot Scanner iOS. Scan music/documents and save as PDF. Has worked for years with very little problems.

Image Viewer MacOS – Nothing fancy. Just works and is fast!

Default Folder MacOS – Click to switch to a directory, save default folders for apps.

Stats MacOS – info in your menu bar.

Hazel MacOS – keep your desktop/folder clean.

unrealBook for iOS – I wrote it, but it’s reliable and great!

Read Rhythm iOS – practice reading rhythms!

MuseScore – Music notation.

ScreenFlick – Record your Mac screen with video and audio.

Paintbrush – Remember when you could just select areas and copy/paste/move them without layers and complications???? Here is a plain old bitmap editor that runs on M1!

Hardly any gigs

After COVID, the situation is dire. There are hardly any gigs for bands. Note that there are gigs for singles, duos etc…. There is no one place like Gordon Biersch was for having music regularly although I have heard there’s a place called Work/Play that has bands. I heard the Tapa Bar is having pop bands again.